The LifeEnergy Story

LifeEnergy is a distributed energy company based in Houston, Texas. We have a strong commitment to alternative energy sources and renewable resources. LifeEnergy arcs toward sustainability and responsibility for energy distribution. As the world moves toward these energy goals, we will to be on the leading edge of change.

LifeEnergy provides energy products and services to residential homeowners as well as commercial businesses. These products and services include electricity, natural gas, and solar in select markets. We will provide service in all deregulated markets in the United States. We will begin in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. LifeEnergy will expand into Canada, Mexico, and Europe in the coming years.

LifeEnergy is an affiliate of LS Power, a North American power company with offices in New York, New Jersey, Missouri, California and Texas. LS Power is a developer, owner, operator and investor in power generation (solar and natural gas) and electric transmission infrastructure throughout the United States. Since inception, LS Power has developed, constructed, managed or acquired more than 30,000 MW of competitive power generation and over 500 miles of transmission infrastructure, for which it has raised over $30 billion in debt and equity financing. For more information, please visit


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